Fire safety audit is an assessment of the premises, installations, equipment and relevant documents to ascertain how the premises are managed from fire safety perspective and how the safety procedures address the fire risks occurring at the facility.


Conducting fire safety audits, Ecovision’s qualified team checks the following elements:

  • Identification and assessment of fire risks at the facility in terms of its specifics, intended use, storage or manufacturing technology;
  • Review of fire detection measures adopted at the facility;
  • Review of active (fire extinguishers and internal and external fire hydrants, sprinklers) and passive (fire separation walls, firestops, fire doors and gates) fire protection equipment;
  • Review of technical inspection reports from fire safety equipment inspections;
  • Review of the fire safety and evacuation signage;
  • Assessment of the facility preparedness for rescue operations;
  • Review of safety awareness and safety training requirements including evacuation drills;
  • Assessment of emergency and evacuation procedures for the facility;
  • Storage and handling practices for flammable / combustible materials (including chemical compatibility).


Implementation of post-audit recommendations may help increase fire safety of the building and safety of its occupants. It may also help to mitigate the risk that the insurers refuse to pay indemnity in case of fire and losses incurred.


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